The Ready for Change method is a unique powerful blend of using Positive Psychology, thinking assignments, theory of mind and personal development. Components that poke more selfawareness into action. It’s a very succesful tool to reset the minds of people.
— Soraya Lezaar founder The Mindset Society

To keep high skilled professionals in a mentally balanced state is a challenge for most companies.

Is your company looking for a successful tool for high skilled professionals & top athletes?

Using our Ready For Change method, professionals learn to deal with changes and be more relaxed by discovering a new balance. These insights are valuable.

Our work is measurable, constructive, effective & focused on goals.

With our ‘Pure People Development Program’, we bring new energy, insights and resilience to teams and individual mindsetting in just 12 weeks.

We only collaborate with innovative companies who trust in the capability of their team and are willing to invest to optimize the talents.

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What do our clients say?

Business Consulant BMC

I was really curious about these individual mindset sessions. After one session i felt a lot of energy flowing through my body. Recharged in 20 minutes. Normally i’m a lot in my head and overthink situations. Directly after the session it seems that i’m present, like something is cleared up. This feeling is just wat i need more in my life!
Cant wait to start the individual personal development programm in january 2018
— Business Consultant BMC


  • Mindset Meditation Workshop (Private event)
  • Digital Detox workshop
  • Business Kick Boxing & Meditation workout
  • Masterclass of the people we meet
  • Workshop "The real connection" 

Soraya Lezaar


Founder of The Mindset Society

Soraya is an energetic, experienced Mindset Coach, Consultant, Lean facilitator (ATOS consultancy) and certified kundalini yoga & meditation teacher.

She finished her degree of Social pedagogy study & directly hired at the psychiatric institute GGZ Netherlands as a mental health nurse and sociotherapist.

After years of experience as a professional Coach, Trainer, LEAN consultant and advisor in political government positions she started her own coaching company The Mindset Society. Her fascination about our brain function, the influence of our behaviour, our mindset, the cognitive capacity, consciousness and science about the nervus system gave a clear iinsight about the way we can influence our lives towards a neutral and positive way.

All her life Soraya's attracted about people she meet and their true life story, curious what drives them. She looks at people on a non-judgemental way and see where they actual can grow into. People trust Soraya truly in her core being.

Because of Soraya's Lean management background, Soraya works with clear goals on measurable results within 12 weeks.

Soraya trained skills all kind professionals from managers, youg professionals, entrepeneurs, ICT managers,  trainers, athletes, performers, psychologists, lawyers. People who wants to work more in high state of mind with a lot of  energy, want to break with negative habits,  work more with confidence, wnts to get rid of modern anxiety and want to facilitate in a fixed mindset can get in contact with Soraya.

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