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’I’m an entrepreneur and father of 4.
A life that requires attention for different aspects. Soraya helped me and our company to gain focus and courage to make impactful decisions, using the Mindset Change method. Already after three sessions you’ll notice a difference in feeling set back to being completely determined. Intelligent reflections and useful insights were shared. I feel different now; firm, focused and free. Thanks to Soraya.”

“From a point in your life where you are stuck to repacking yourself and feeling freer and stronger than you have ever felt”; that is what The Mindset Society has brought me.
Soraya knows like no other how to quickly create a bond of trust that makes you feel understood in the problems you encounter.
By applying tried and tested techniques we were able to see improvements together very quickly and after a few sessions I was very different in life.
The burnout complaints quickly decreased and it is fantastic to learn that you can manage so much from yourself.
All in all very happy with Soraya as Mindset Trainer; She was the key for me to regain my creativity and especially productivity.
— CEO Creative industry